How to get rid of parasites in the human body - the best ways

Today, worms are a global problem. They live inside many people and few people know of their existence, this is due to their disguise. Their vital activity affects the human body and causes a number of diseases to the organs in which they are located, however, no matter how much you treat it, the digestive tract or liver is still not functioning correctly, becauseSo people are interested in how to get rid of parasites in the human body.

Symptoms of a helminth infestation

worms from the human body

Cleansing the body of parasites is a process of the highest degree of complexity. This is due to the anatomical characteristics of parasites that have suckers, whereby they are firmly attached to the intestinal wall or organs, and some even have teeth that attach to the inner surface of the intestine and damage it. Worms negatively affect the human body because they have the ability to suck useful substances from the blood, disrupt the integrity of organs, fill the intestines, prevent the removal of unnecessary substances from the body. body, while simultaneously poisoning a person with the released poisons.

It is not possible to detect the presence of helminths inside the body without a special medical diagnosis, but you can pay attention to the symptoms inherent in helminthic invasions. You should immediately contact a parasitologist for further diagnosis and treatment if you develop such conditions:

  • Unreasonable weight loss / weight gain (diet does not bring the desired results).
  • There is a constant desire.
  • Suddenly there is an allergy.
  • Severe and frequent headaches.
  • Heaviness or pain under the right ribs or in the abdomen.
  • Diarrhea, flatulence and other problems related to the digestive tract.
  • Reduces the appearance of hair and skin.
  • Herpes lip (regular).
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Coma, fatigue, weakness.

Diagnostic methods to detect parasites

Dirty hands are the cause of parasitic infections

Helminth infections happen quickly and are difficult to recognize. Usually, the worms are transmitted by contact with infected hand skin or objects containing eggs of the parasite. Moreover, a person, without washing his hands, begins to eat and consume the larvae with the food. Infection can occur with 1 or more types of helminths at the same time. As medical practice shows, this is the second variant of the infection that occurs most often. It is not possible to independently identify the parasite at an early stage, and external signs of infection do not appear immediately, therefore it is advisable to consult a doctor from time to time and carry out tests. .

What are the methods of diagnosing helminthic invasion?

options for diagnosing parasites in the body
  • Stool analysis for helminth eggs is the most common diagnostic method. Called trumpet. It is used to contain helminthic epidemics, so this analysis is prescribed for medical examination in kindergartens, schools and other institutions. However, the accuracy of the results does not exceed -17%.
  • Serology is a way to determine the presence and quantity of specific antibodies against toxins secreted by the parasite. The accuracy of this diagnosis is not more than 60%.
  • Histological copy - allows you to look at the variety and number of worms, because in the diagnosis the laboratory assistant will examine part of the stool using a powerful microscope.
  • Computerized tomography. For research, the blood of the sick person is taken as a raw material. 1 drop increases up to 2, 000 times and the laboratory assistant determines if helminth eggs are present, the microflora changes, etc. v.
  • Acupuncture. A highly effective method for diagnosing helminthic infestations, but practically not used because the effects of electric current can adversely affect the patient's body.

To detect worms, you should contact a qualified parasitologist. It will help not only to identify unwanted "neighbors", but also to select the most effective therapy that does not allow the parasites to adapt to the drug.

Remove worms

Tablets for the treatment of parasites

Today, pharmacies are full of products that can kill worms instantly, but they have a strong effect on the liver, and in the process of global destruction, they release large amounts of toxins. can be toxic to the body and lead to long-term recovery. Based on that, you should carefully choose the treatment and deworming drugs.

To reduce the damage to health caused by the drug, a long-term method of destroying parasites is used. It is less harmful, lasting for a period of 30 days to a year. Its essence is that the worms deprive them of their livelihood, while they die or leave the body on their own. Usually, the doctor prescribes expensive primary and secondary dewormers, as well as drugs that support the functioning of the liver.

Antihelminthic drugs in pharmaceuticals are usually divided into the following groups:

  1. Homeopathy.
  2. Vegetable.
  3. Synthesis / chemistry.
homeopathic remedies for parasites

Drugs of chemical origin allow you to quickly and effectively get rid of parasites, but they have a high degree of toxicity and negatively affect the body for the reasons described above. The parasite easily adapts to such means if the drug does not correspond to the type of helminth.

When using such drugs, it is important to be aware of the list of possible complications, therefore, it is necessary to take the drug exclusively under the supervision of a specialist. He also has to choose supportive medicine.

You can get rid of parasites in the body with the help of herbal remedies. They are considered the safest because they do not kill the worms but simply eliminate them, creating uncomfortable living conditions. This allows you to reduce the amount of harmful substances in the body.

Homeopathy is a highly effective anthelmintic, but not all parasitologists work with it. It requires a well-designed regimen from which it is absolutely impossible to go wrong.

Traditional medicine against helminths

garlic for parasites

Failure by worms has accompanied humans for centuries, but before there were no such effective drugs, people used herbs and fees to cure diseases. They not only help expel the worms, but also help cleanse the body of harmful toxins, improve the efficiency of the liver, etc. v.

The main folk remedies of folk origin are bitter and antibacterial - garlic, wormwood, etc. They invade the comfort of life in the body and force the parasite to leave it. These funds can be used for a long time because they do not harm health but on the contrary support it. Conditional parasite removal can be divided into 2 stages:

  1. Anti-parasitic - aimed at expelling helminths.
  2. Replenish the deficiency of useful macronutrients, improve the performance of the immune system.

To increase the effect, it is necessary to affect not only adults, but also larvae, therefore it is advisable to use complex herbal preparations.

Anti-parasite preparations and herbs

  • Wormwood and tansy are used to treat adult ailments. In large quantities, wormwood can cause poisoning, and the poison of the wormwood plant simply has a bad effect on the immature body of a child.
  • The rhizome of elecampane expels parasites from the digestive tract, lungs, nervous system, and blood.
  • Cedarwood is highly effective against worms living in the liver.

Nowadays, you can easily buy medicine for worms by folk or medical methods at the pharmacy, but you should not buy the medicine yourself and use it in the hope of getting rid of the disease. The best way to get rid of parasites is to strictly follow the treatment regimen prescribed by your doctor.